Opening a project in view mode lacks a loader icon

I have a blank screen when opening my project in view mode, which made me assume it was not working.

Tried several times, until I reallised I had to wait about 9 seconds.

=> a “loading …” feedback would be welcome. :slight_smile:

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Hello @Michel_Parmentier
Could you tell us a bit more about this problem?
Which browser are you using?, Is there any errors in the console?
Maybe you can send us the problematic file to our support account,

No problem at all :

  • when I open a project it opens normally, and while loading, there the “rotating pencil” loader icon
  • but when I want to open my project in view mode, it takes about 9 seconds and it would be nice to have a visual feed back with the same “rotating pencil” loader icon to indicate that the page is still loading the project, instead of a blank screen :wink:
    Just for a better user experience.
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Ahhh ok ok @Michel_Parmentier.
I’ve opened and issue to review user feedback on loading viewer.
Thanks for the info.
You can check its progress here