Oklch color format support

This is not a popular request for now, but I believe it’s a cutting-edge feature for web design tools and probably will be a good fit for an open-source “alternative to big-tech” project as a frontier feature to be distinguished from others.
oklch started to gain momentum recently since major browsers started to support it. Also, there is a growing number of high-quality monitors worldwide with P3 support or even REC2020 which can result in more vibrant colors when using oklch. However, there is no oklch support in major design tools as of now.

oklch support can shift traditional approach to color theming and provide designers with a superior way of creating color palettes. This feature could become the point of interest, which will grab the attention to the penpot app


Yes, this would unlock more colors for our designs and they can be used today on most Apple displays or other high quality ones.

I think this feature is very important because you improve something at the foundation of penpot. Color is one of the most important design decision one can take.

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