Objects move outside the board when moving the object

Hi, I’m trying to create the TailwindCSS styles in penpot.

For example, I’m creating the type system and I have created a board named “text-lg” which contains a text “text-sm”. I’ve also created a component “Type spec” which contains some text specifying font size and line height.

I’m dragging the component over the “text-lg” board. Then, using the layers view I’m dragging it inside the board and start aligning it. As soon as I start aligning it, in the layers view, the component moves outside the board “text-lg” again and I have to move it inside the board again. This happens always when I start moving the component around. It also seems to loose it’s constraint settings when being dragged around.

I’ve created a video which shows my issue

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Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. I’ve added the bug to our internal bugtracking and we’ll try to solve it ASAP.

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