Can i swap nested instances?

Hi, i have instance of a button with icon. How can I swap icon with another instance?

Hi @skorphil Perhaps you mean something like this? With Penpot 2.0 you will be able to easily swap components. Right now with Penpot 1.19 it’s more of a manual process. Let me know if this was what you asked about!

Yes, this seems what I meant. However from video cant understand will it work with nested instances and how convenient will it be.
When 2.0 will be available?

I think this gif can show you how it works. Yes, nested instances can be swapped.

Penpot 2.0 will be released very soon. We cant share exact dates yet but we’re targetting February.


Can i try beta maybe?

There was a Beta Program for Grid Layout (coming with Penpot 2.0) but that’s already closed. Of course, since Penpot is open source, you can setup your own instance using develop branch from the repo GitHub - penpot/penpot: Penpot: The open-source design tool for design and code collaboration but the easiest way would be to create an account here. Huge disclaimer: This is a very unstable environment, it’s broken most of the time! For instance, component swap is broken at the moment, which is unfortunate for you. I’d suggest you watch this space and wait until we come back and say “try now!”, sorry!


Great, will try it. Idk if macbook m1 will be enough for running penpot docker image :sweat_smile:

Tried on dev server - swapping works as a charm!

I’ve noticed some bug with SVG import - stroke is added to SVG, however in the original file there is no stroke. Had to remove it manually

Hi @skorphil ! Please feel free to report any bug you find :slight_smile: Thanks for your support!