Need centralization in feature requests

Currently there are 3 different ways that feature requests can be made:

  • Github discussions
  • Github issue tickets
  • Community forum

I think all are fine and valid but I think it would be good if Penpot could provide a little more guidance on the subject to help centralize where all the requests are going. I have submitted feature requests only to see the same basic request pop up in other locations.

And now every time that I want to make a feature request I have to check at least 3 places.


Also when an update is posted by Penpot devs, such as here with autolayout I think it would be a good idea to update those threads pointing them to whatever thread is being put out to define the messaging on the subject.

Hi @jcklpe, thanks for your Feedback. We are working on it, as for right now any feature request on the Github Discussion and Github issue should be redirected to here. We hope with time the whole community will migrate to here. However, since this is still a new space, we understand still some people will end up posting in other channels.

Also, all the feature request are analyzed and add to our project here.. We will start to update the threads as you mention.


We had this morning a meeting to clarify things a bit:

  • The Github discussions page is obsolete. We’ll try to add clearer indications to redirect all conversation here.
  • Enhancement suggestions go to Feature requests category. Our product people read it frequently and create new user stories in Taiga when appropriate.
  • Problems using penpot go to Troubleshooting category. There can be solved by us or other members of the community.
  • If you find a Penpot bug, as explained here, you can open an issue in Github. Our technical people will review it, and if it’s confirmed, a Taiga issue will be opened for it.
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