Autonamer feature

Saw this figma plugin. Since so much neural network research is open source I wouldn’t be surprised if this could be built into an open source project like penpot relatively easily:


Thanks for the suggestion! It seems a useful feature indeed, and this would be relatively easy to implement when Penpot have plugins.

Unfortunately we haven’t implemented the plugin system yet, and don’t have an estimated date for now. But you can follow the user story about it.

Could you please add this suggestion as a “feature:” issue in github? This is where we register the enhancements requested, and may take from there when we prioritize new developments.

Thanks again.


Hi I was told to direct all feature requests to this forum:

This is why I said ya’ll need to centralize your feature request process.

You are true, this was a bit confusing. But we have talked today to clarify it.

In fact the correct place for your request is this forum. We tend to centralize everything here, but Github is also important, since many people, mostly developers, use that space as the most natural channel.

So we prefer to use github issues for bugs, and everything else in the forum, but if someone posts other things in Github, we attend it too.

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