Native app or Web app


Any plans to release a native app or a web app like Figma have done?

That will eliminate the double short keys from the browser we are currently using, like on MacOS using CMD + or - will reduce the page size like the interface of the Penpot, and not zoom in or out from the artboard we are using.

Hello @ferreirex, thanks for the suggestion. We have two other post talking about it : Turning PenPot into an installable PWA - #3 by RenanMayrinckDesign
FAQ - How can I make Penpot work offline? - #3 by diacritica

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Thanks @carolina.portugal I have looking for app or software and don’t have find any of the option so I have write the post, go to check the others posts
thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @ferreirex that’s absolutely fine! What we do (poiltely) ask is that if you find that this is a potential duplicate of another post or posts, you remove it from the community and add your comment on those other places. That way me ensure topics receive all the attention they need.

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