Miss ability to override instances in place in 2.0

Hi, in PP 1.0 there was a good feature when I could edit the instance (add or remove elements) completely. And if i want to push changes to master.

Sad it is gone in 2.0. Now I need to detach a component to make this work or edit master component directly

Curiously I am not being able to edit the component at all, not even the main component…

Also, there isn’t a sign to identify, on layer, which is the main component (Figma, for example, gives me a tip on which layer contains the principal component and all other are a “copy” of it)

h-e-l-p! It makes no sense to detache, create and replace all layers again every time I decide to change a detail on a component card :pray:

Could you send a screen recording to support@penpot.app of the issue you are having with editing components so that I can look into this?

As for identifying the main components, the main component has a different symbol on the Layers panel, but you can also navigate to the main component by selecting “Show main component” on the object menu (see screenshot below).