Location of log files?

Hi :slight_smile: I uploaded fonts to Penpot (I’m running it locally inside Docker) but it did not work properly for some fonts. Now: Where can I find the log files to check what went wrong?
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Hi, @yolo. You can use docker logs command to see application logs.

First use docker ps to see the ids of the running container and then, for example:

docker logs -f <id-of-backend-container>

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: Unfortunately, I cannot find an error there that is related to my problem. I also scanned the logs of the other containers. Is there another location where I can look for errors?

Have you seen the devtools in your browser? Press F12 and look at Console and Network tabs.

What’s the problem with the fonts exactly? Could you send me a screenshot of those two tabs?

Thanks for your reply and pointers. The problem seems to be gone - at least I can’t reproduce it anymore.

Ok. If it happens again, don’t hesitate to reopen this thread.

Thanks for reporting.