Is there a language to describe UI specifications?

Are there standardized or popular written rules for communicating in UI Design language anywhere?

Hi all! I’m visiting the world of UI Design from the worlds of natural language and computer code.

In both of my current worlds, there are a heap of written rules which help me to understand how to precisely achieve something simply via the use of a keyboard.

In my current worlds, I have things like:

  • Lexicons - Words, phrases, idioms.
  • Syntaxes - Structure, order, agreement, clauses and phrase types.
  • Grammars - Parts of speech, tenses, mood, articles etc.
  • Semantics - What words and sentences mean.
  • Pragmatics - Things like contextual meaning.

So, if I’m learning Spanish, or Rust, as long as I can learn and retain all of the rules and use them properly, I’ll be absolutely incredible at communicating in that language with somebody else who knows the same set of rules as I do.

Does this sort of ‘language rules’ concept exist in UI/UX Design? If not, what’s the best or the closest we have today?

Thanks so much for any answers!