Internal Error Assertion - Adding JPG

I’m new to PenPot and I’ve been exploring what this system can do. I’ve got some experience using Figma, but I wanted to check out other options for building prototype interfaces.

So, while I was designing the UI on PenPot, I uploaded my assets and tried dragging them onto the canvas. But got hit with an error message saying “internal error assertion” when I tried dragging a JPG file.

If anyone can help me out, I’d really appreciate it!

Hi @sebbie,
Welcome to the community!
I am not a developer but what they usually ask for to fix such problems is how to make the problem appear again so they can find out the cause. So probably these might be helpful to answer:

  1. Does it still happen now when you try again?
  2. Does it happen with any jpg? Or only a particular one?
  3. What is your browser in which you run penpot (Chrome, Firefox, Edge…) and operating system (Win, Mac, Linux…)
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