How to resend activation email?

When creating a new account, an verification email is send. How ever, if that email doesnt arrive for some reason, how do I resend it?
Once the email is used, the system knows about it and wont let me register again or give the option to resend the email. Or how do I remove the email from the system so I register again?


Hello @kloper:
You are right, we have a bug with the activation email. I have opened an issue in taiga to resolve it as soon as possible.

You can check the issue here.

Thanks Eva,
but for now… if such a thing happens. Is there a way to remove the emailadress from the database so the user can retry to register?

Hello @kloper
Sorry I didn’t read your post before.
Yes we can access the database, please write to and give us the information there. We will try to help.