How to quickly unlock a locked object?

Hi all! I’ve created some wireframes of 5-10 pages, and I locked certain objects (e.g. the page background) to prevent accidentally moving it. Now I want to unlock an object that I can see, but I can’t see any way to select it. I’ve tried right-clicking, shift-clicking, etc. and I don’t see any way to select it apart from scrolling through the sidebar outline to look for my object, and unlock it from there.

How can I target / select an object that I can see and point at on my screen, so that I can unlock it, without having to rummage through the very long outline to find it?

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Not sure if this is what you’re looking at. But, I did a post on the lock feature. Posting the link here - Accessibility feature: Locking a board locks only the board - #2 by pmabdullah87

The ability to select nested object it a pain point, once you start getting complex layers in your layouts it can becomes a big time saver.

I just discovered today that if you make an object into a component you can update the main component with a lock/unlock/hidden/un-hidden and all your other child object should follow … pending you did not customize them in anyway from the main. Not ideal, but a possible work around.