Accessibility feature: Locking a board locks only the board

Currently, when one locks a board, it locks all the elements inside the board. The reason one might lock a board is to avoid accidentally selecting or moving it when selecting elements inside of it. I know with nexted boards and flex layout this is going to be a challenge. But, is there a way to lock all the elements in a board with a different shortcut. We can decide on the default locking behavior but a way to bypass that and lock only the parent container.

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Nver mind. I found out that, either right clicking and selecting lock option OR clicking the lock on layers panel locks the parent and child elements, but using a short cut, CTRL+Shift+L locks only the element selected. This feature is already available, but it was not evident or clear to begin with. Is there a way to make it more evident / discoverable and clear for the users. Like for example, right clicking shows both Lock parent and child and also lock selected. Add a shortcut key for locking all similar to locking the selected elements.

Thanks for letting us know @pmabdullah87, we will take a look into it and see how we can improve it

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Super. Thanks. That would really be useful :+1:

God I HATE it when I select the board. Once it’s made I hardly ever need to move it and if I do I would click the name of the board usually. I can’t get it to lock the board only. When I right click I don’t have that option and when I press CTRL + Shift + L it doesn’t seem to work. Can you expand further? For reference, I don’t know if this makes a difference. I have a board within a board. The reason being I want a grid on the internal board not the full screen (the container)

How to open board in penpot

Hi @Sundari_Soundar maybe this can help you: