Use flexboxes on existing components

Hi everyone,

with the new release, I’m trying to handle the new flexboxes, which are exactly what I expected, especially for my buttons.

Here is my situation: I’ve created a few “basic” buttons, one of each type.

For each, I’ve created a Component, so I can use them in my other files. Now that the flexboxes are a thing, I’d like to use them, it will save me a lot of time on button resizing (for instance “Create” becoming “Continue”).

I’ve managed to change my Component by removing the existing background (merely a colored rectangle), replacing it by the layout’s background, fine.

Now I want to select my Component by clicking on it and:

When I click on the Component on the artboard, the Flexbox is selected, not the Component itself. Very annoying.

Do I miss or misunderstand something? Or is it a fresh bug?

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Hi Nicolas,

This is something that we’ve already added as a bug (high priority indeed) but some questions were raised and it seems that the issue got lost in translation.

Thanks for pointing it out, I hope we fix it soon :slight_smile:

Of course, thanks for the update :slight_smile:

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