How to contribute with a plugin?


I’ve been in contact with the Accessibility Theme Builder team and accessing if there is a way to integrate their tool (test it here) in to PenPot.

This is their motivation.

They have already working on a plugin for Figma, and, being an Open Source project, would like to contribute here too.

What are the next steps?

Thank You.

Gerardo Lisboa.


Hello @gvlx , our plugin system still in Beta test:

Be a Beta Tester for Penpot’s Plugins System. Call for creators!

If you like to be part of it follow the instruction on the post above

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Thanks @gvlx!!
I was looking for similar tools/projects for the creating accessible design systems easily and this looks like a perfect match. By the way, do anyone know of any similar tool?

I thinks integrating it would add an immense valuable to Penpot and Token Studio and the fact that they are working to improve accessibility and they are an open source project aligns well with Penpot values.

They have a workflow for figma and would be absolute game changer to have it into Penpot when design tokens are ready.

Here you can see how they are integrating it with figma.

If so, an official contact from Penpot to the Accessibility Theme Builder could be the way to go.
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