How do I remove part of a circle?

I wanted to create the design for a timer, with a full circle as the background and another circle that “shrinks” as time passes. For the second circle I need to be able to remove part of a full circle. I think this should be fairly simple, however I cannot find the right option or tool. Can somebody help me?


Hello Offgab!

There are two options to accomplish your request :slight_smile:

Option 1 is with boolean operations. I strongly suggest you use this option, as it will easily allow you to edit the “time” later on. Add a circle to your workspace and use the pen tool to create a pie-like shape (make sure you add a fill to this shape). Position it on top of the circle, select both shapes and use the boolean operation: Difference (Cntrl+Alt+D). You will find this option at the top of the design properties panel.

You can also achieve the same by creating a circle and double-clicking on it so a little menu with different options will appear. You can then select two nodes and use the option Separate Nodes (K). Then use the pentool to complete the shape.

I hope this helps!