How do I mirror to a mobile device?

Hello. For the life of me I can’t find how to mirror to a mobile device. The sharable prototype link just shows blank screen, and I can’t find any other method. Please advise :slight_smile:

A UX suggestion, if I may: as PenPot is primarily a mobile design tool, please consider a clear direction in the desktop app on how to mirror.

Many thanks.

Hi, the prototype link should work. Maybe try another browser or zooming out.
Also try opening penpot and your file on mobile manually.
Usually I update my design on desktop then on mobile:

  1. Deactivate fullscreen (if enabled)
  2. Reload site
  3. Reactivate fullscreen (with the penpot menu icon)

Thank you replying.

As you can see from the screenshot, all I am getting is a grey screen (this happens on a sharable link, and the login page). This happens in Safari and Firefox on iOS. I’ve disabled all script blockers my end. The PenPot marketing website works fine.

At least I now know that the sharable links should enable mirroring. Thank you.


Im usually using my droid, but just loaded it up on an iPhone SE. Seems to load fine for me. Just the fullscreen mode isnt really fullscreen, that could be a setting somewhere though.