Here's something that doesn't seem to exist in even Figma

You can select frames in Figma by drag selecting in an open area where nothing exists. Ok that’s been done for any program. I have a ton of frames and to select them I have to select some and move those and then carefully select the other frames. I’d like a tool where I can just draw around the frames and then close it off and select those frames. Kind of like a “free select tool” so you don’t have to get all goofy with selecting frames, just click a button or press the keys and draw a selection around your frames. Problem solved.


Would the difference to the way Figma does it that in your idea you would not draw a rectangle to select, but any shape (and it would select all frames that your line crosses or that are fully enclosed by the shape)?

Really interesting feature @TheInternet

A “Lasso” selection tool will help with Frames but also with another use cases in Penpot. We will review your proposal in depth.

Thank you so much!!!

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An example for this would be the lasso select in applications like OneNote (I think it is common in “Ink” or “Crossing-Based” paradigms)

Blender also has this feature when selecting vertices, edges and faces of 3d objects in edit mode.