Image Frames - An idea to replace the image tool

From the moment I first began using Penpot, I noticed a limitation with its Image feature. It seemed to insert images in their rawest form, providing me with very limited control over them for prototyping purposes. This limitation has often posed a challenge for my design work.

Previously, I had used Affinity Publisher, which offers a solution that, with further exploration, might address this issue - Image Frames.

An Image Frame, in essence, is a container for an image that retains its predefined properties such as width, height, radius, and other attributes, while showing the image on that specific spot. This feature may empower users to make minor adjustments to the image while enabling seamless switching between different images within a specific location on the prototype.

Figma has its own approach to achieving this by allowing images to be added as fill to objects. Penpot could potentially enhance its image tool by transforming it into an Image Frame tool. Below, I’ve included this quick edit to illustrate how this could work:


Hello @RenanMayrinckDesign, our team is working on it now, you can check the progress here: Taiga


Oh, that’s great! Unfortunately it seems I can’t see the design of it, I’m curious about that now lol.