Frequently Asked Questions summary

Why Penpot?

These are questions related to the fact that Penpot even exists or what is particularly different and new about it.

Who created Penpot? Why?
Why specifically Open Source?
Why is SVG its native format?
Why is Penpot different from [X proprietary product]?
Why did you develop Penpot using Clojure and Clojurescript?
Why did you release Penpot as an Alpha?
Why did Penpot move to Beta?

How Penpot?

These are questions related to practical aspects of Penpot or its capabilities.

How do you plan to make Penpot’s development sustainable?
What is this “Kaleidos Ventures SL” stuff I see when I do some research on who’s behind Penpot? You guys are a VC or what?
How can I download and install Penpot for my team?
How can I make Penpot work offline?
Where can I find the code?
How can I enjoy the best Penpot browser experience?
How can I enjoy Penpot on the cloud?
How can I work together with other people?
How can I share my designs with external stakeholders?
How can I stay up-to-date with the latest Penpot news and what’s to come?
How can I use Penpot together with Inkscape?
How can I learn how to use Penpot?
How can I contribute to Penpot?

Other frequently asked questions

Here we include some other interesting questions people have asked or that we would like to directly address.

What is in Penpot’s roadmap for the short-/mid-term?
Did the team find a pattern (design, interaction, tool) that could be improved but decided to keep it because the reference tools already made it familiar to the user?