Flex Layout Absolute Position inside Flex Container

Hello, first of all, very great work you do with penpot, since flex layout was released i am stoked to test penpot in a productive design environment on real projects. I am coming from figma (as most users probably). I often need to position some elements inside a flex layout to an absolute position. Like a big + Button in the top right corner which is always above everything inside the container and ignores the flex layout. Would that be easy to implement? Right now i always have to wrap the flex container/artboard inside another container, thats a little cumbersome.
Kind regards, Martin.

I assume this is how I would solved the problem in figma, too – or does it work in a different way there?

Wrapping it was the way for a long time in figma. But they implemented a button to give an element a absolute position inside an autolayout container. Quite useful.

Absolute Positioning in Figma

Flexbox and absolute positioning

Nice, I did not know of that functionality. I put it in a feature request…

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This was part of Penpot 1.18 release. feature: Allow absolute positioning in layout ("flex") containers · Issue #2933 · penpot/penpot · GitHub

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Yes. I immediately tried it. Very cool. Thanks for listening :slight_smile: Much appreciated.