Updated but not seeing z-index/absolute position

Hello, I am using a self-hosted Docker instance of Penpot and just got the latest 1.18.5 images and updated them, however, I am not seeing the buttons for Absolute positioning and z-index. I do see in the interface under release notes that it is now showing Version 1.18. Any idea why the buttons aren’t showing and how I can fix it?

Note that when I open it in the browser, the pop-up windows all come up announcing the addition of these features, so I know that at least something was updated…

Hi @mandyrahn. Absolute position and z-index are exlusive options for the Flex Layout property. They will be available only at boards with Flex Layout added (here you can find how to do it). Could you check it out again making sure that the selected element is a board with Flex Layout added?

Hi, yes, the selected element is a board with Flex layout. (e.g., created board and clicked + next to layout, but sadly no Absolute or z-index)

And if you select an element inside the flex layout you still can’t see the options? Absolute and z-index are actually options of the flex elements, not of the parent flex layout board (my apologies, I should have been more especific in my previous message).

You ROCK! Thank you! I probably should have realized that myself, but thanks so much! Made my day :slight_smile:

glad I could help! I hope you have fun with absolutes and zindexes :smiley:

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