Feature request: Batch processing for marketing assets

Any plans to include a batch processing functionality in the near future? I work in marketing and would like to batch process several marketing assets.

Hello @Erichlin , could you explain more your needs? How do you imagine the feature would work?


Hey @carolina.portugal, our department is responsible for planning web A/B experiments for most of our marketing campaigns on our site, which involves modifying asset copy, design composition, images, etc.

There are times where we need several variations of the same asset, but prefer not to change and export each component one at a time. We have our marketing copy, images and background color code on an Airtable sheet. My team and I collaborate on this sheet and design file on penpot.

If we could simply upload .xls file with each column automatically mapped to a specific page → board → [text, image, asset, rectangle] creates a component file with all variations in SVG format and the option to export selected components, that would be pretty cool!

I imagine it being under the asset panel.

Artboard.Studio has a great example of this as well as the plugin Google Sheet Sync for Figma