FAQ - Why is SVG its native format?

SVG (Scalar Vector Graphics) is a widely used Open Standard by the W3C. It permeates the web, the mobile world and visualisation outputs across a myriad of platforms.

Embracing SVG was a technical challenge but it was a huge opportunity too. It makes a Penpot design itself valid code already. Moreover, the potential for integrations and interoperability are infinite.

When you are certain that a part of your design is SVG and you live-export that SVG as part of your code repository, you can have back and forth changes through the SVG files. Also, a “continuous design” process could be finally at hand.

Using SVG means that there is no translation between a design and its “mathematical” representation. The design is the SVG and the SVG is the design. This is a triumph for cross-domain collaboration.

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