Easy Installation of PenPot Locally

Hi to all,
Really PenPot is quite impressive program. Now there is Canva and other programs like PenPot. But many people vote for PenPot because it is FOSS. More to that there are many people who are not so tech savvy but still want to use PenPot and also in Off line mode like Photoshop. (Sorry, I know they are quire different). I mean to say that if there is some installation process for lay man like me, great many people would be benefited.
I know that there may be alot of work waiting for you people to do but still I m tempted to ask if there is easiest installation like double clicking .deb

Thanks to all for such program.

Hey @Zeno394 !

I agree that an offline desktop version of Penpot would be great! Looks like you’re already aware of Podman, although it’s not the great for people who aren’t tech-savvy.

In the meantime, if an offline local app is critical, I’d suggest giving other apps a try:

  • If you’re looking for a similar prototyping and UI/UX interface design tool, check out Lunacy (it’s not FOSS, but works on Linux)
  • If you want a FOSS vector graphics editor, Inkscape is fantastic
  • If you want a FOSS raster graphics editor similar to Photoshop that has nondestructive editing, I highly recommend Krita


Im not for big graphics work. I need a software that does Posting work all in one. Though thanks for your advice but I dont want all separate like Inkscape for vector and Krita for raster. I will wait for Offline Penpot. Meantime I would try on Lunacy.