Early Access Unlocked: Explore Penpot 2.0 Today!

Looks like this piece of the Component 2.0 epic has not been addressed, yet, but they do seem to have component states on their radar… Taiga

I do wish it would have been prioritized, though. For me, a component system without states is pretty incomplete.


This ticket (states) is hopeful though it’s description text implies a potentially more limited micro interaction focus that doesn’t cover the full breadth of component variants needed for a fleshed out design system. Framing it in terms of states like “disabled, hover” could imply a more limited feature application. States is of course the same term used in XD (as contrasting to variants in figma) but hover state in XD is a more opinionated use of the States feature within XD (many states can be made, in the same way that many variants can be made but only one hover state for the component, and only the hover state gets tied up with the micro interaction functionality)

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Will users have the option to stick with the current version if they want? I quite like the UI details (e.g. actual title/menu bar and tabbed panels) better in that version than in v2.0. Where’s the toolbar? I can’t seem to locate it.

Hi ! Congrats for this huge work !

Here is my early feedback (Firefox 124.0.2 and OSX App on Catalina) :

Tool menu

  • the tool menu hides when i click on path tool, then never show up again

  • the path sub-menu also hides when i need it

  • Well, i don’ t like this tool menu, it feels buggy, i can’t drag it elswhere, external sub-menu feels complicated

  • not clear how the select arrow select a point or an object (should it be the same arrow ?)

  • How can i select an edge between two points to erase it and let the path open ?

I’m using Penpot for the first time with 2.0! I only have a few hours in it thus far, but it looks great. It’s really exciting to see some free and open source software that prioritizes design and aims to provide an alternative to the proprietary and greedy Figma. Being able to self host is underrated.

My primary piece of feedback is that Penpot needs to improve app performance. There may be some “quick fixes”, like reducing the amount of clicking. But what is most noticeable is the really poor zooming and panning performance – sometimes, it takes a few seconds for those actions to register (notably, the trackpad two-finger pinch is completely unusable). At its best, it never seems to zoom at the buttery 120fps my Mac is capable of. As soon as Penpot feels as responsive as Figma, I’ll be all in.

Screenshot 2024-04-18 at 09.39.52
Hey, I hope you found it here