Drag move object changes layout

Hi! New Penpot user here, loving the tool so far, but I’m having trouble trying to wrap my head around how the basic move tool works together with flex layouts, as I find it a bit odd.

It seems like the move tool always tries to reparent the currently moved object and place it inside a flex layout it detects, but this is causing big issues when for example trying to make a sidebar, just trying to adjust a text’s position, and BAM, the text is gone, with it’s layer changed to some flex layout in the background.
I like the auto-parenting, but I feel it should be done with a modifier key, or at the very least not detect flex layouts you can’t see.
Here’s a video showcasing the issue:

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So the problem is, if I understand correctly, that the autoparenting is so “greedy” that it parents even through elements that lie on top?

I like the auto parenting, too and (for now) I would not like to see a modifier key (which is an additional state/option and that often leads to both programming and usability issues). But from what I see in the video, this might be fixed by the auto parenting not working “through” elements? (Which would make it easier and more direct to use anyway, since WYSIWYG would not be violated.)

Posted this (with credit) to github issues: bug: Autoparenting for flexbox too greedy; catching elements through layers · Issue #3210 · penpot/penpot · GitHub