Create a "Text Field" tool

Hey there guys! It would be nice to have a text field tool in PenPot. It could be handled as a rectangle while editing, but whenever you play the prototype, it will behave as an HTML text field.

This is something I’ve seen in an old tool called Reflow, from Adobe. It was discontinued and it was supposed to be a graphical way to create HTML pages. I’ve used this to prototype way back before Figma and I kinda miss that in most prototyping tools.

I know this is not the objective of PenPot but this is something that could be very helpful in bringing the next level to prototypes.


Hi @RenanMayrinckDesign this is an interesting approatch to the “next gen components” in Penpot. Creating new features like this is in our roadmap :grinning:

We believe that the integration of design and code comes from having elements like the one you mention. It would also be interesting to be able to build UI components and pages in isolation. It streamlines UI development, testing, and documentation. We are focused on making the UI components and page based on the UX part of the experience. Therefore, it may make sense why one group of people would integrate a product.

For a new UX developer it might be beneficial to have another group of developers help design, test, and implement a new UX in collaboration with the UX group, which is typically similar. Of course, this is only the beginning, as more and more developers enter the scene with new skills in developing simple, clean, and good looking and functional UX applications.


Reminds me of Axure-style prototyping, which, in turn, was rather similar what Flash did: You could have interactive elements (like text fields, buttons, dropdowns) and then have either simple link-like handlers or a little piece of javascript code.
This was not meant to be a no-code tool but rather as a way to build more rich prototypes.

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The idea for implementing a text field tool is basically what you said. Just a way to have rich prototypes, instead of static/animated interactive images. Maybe not for now, but in the future… Would be nice to see this.

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btw.: github issue on “Simple text input in prototypes”

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