Coordinates calculations


I wanted to open a bug, but then I figured I have to ask a question first.

When I create a single element (like a text), its coordinates are related to the current artboard.

But when I selected 2 elements, the coordinates of the group are related to the page origin (my artboard it positioned at 1000 x 1000.
(I can put only one image (why ?), then now if I also the field below the label, the coordinates indicate 1163 in x axis)

That makes absolutely none sense to me, and prevents me to place several elements by using the coordinates when I have several artboards on a page.

Is it me?


Hi @Nicolas_Leboeuf I could’t reproduce your issue.

Could you give us more info? Like OS and browser version you’re using.

Also it would be nice to have the url of the file. Please, send it to


Hi Juan,

Win10 21H2, Chrome 103.

I remade an example file. In this new file:

  • artboard: X=520
  • label: X=230
  • text field: X= 230
  • label + text field: X= 750 (520 + 230 then)

I’ll send the url, thanks.

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