Config.env changes are not propogating to docker container

I’m struggling to get a local container running without registration. I have changed the following in config.env after running it once with registration and login enabled, and now updating the flags doesn’t appear to do anything:

PENPOT_FLAGS="disable-registration disable-login"

Just to be sure, I also changed the public URI to localhost 9000:


This change also does not propogate, and the container stays on the default, port 9001.
I have tried rerunning the command:
docker compose -p penpot -f docker-compose.yaml up -d

I have also tried killing all 5 penpot containers, removing the penpot data volumes, and removing the penpot network. None of this has worked for me. What can I do to get the changes to config.env to apply?

Hi! Can you post your docker-compose.yml and do you have your env_file set in your config ?

You also, probably need --force-recreate on config change