Component Properties: Feature Request

I know that there is some work in the pipeline to expand on the Component Variants feature. I wanted to request that support for Component Properties as recently released in Figma be considered:

Component properties would be a powerful addition. It would help bridge the gap between designers and devs on projects by helping create a clear point of comparison between a ui-kit component’s properties and a react component’s properties.


@jcklpe We are also reworking the components features. We understood that our first version of it could be improved both in the flow and abilities. You can check this post in the community and give us your feedback: Where is my component?

Also, here you can see more details on this rework and how we have divided it into several steps.


Just scrolled through the topics, I was sure that this thing will pop up.

I would really appreciate if panpot could have this feature. The ability to have variants of a compnent basically controlled by properties are bridging the gap between design/logic/implementation.

Big up for this from my end!
Keep up the good work guys, this app looks very promising.

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I’d like to note that Figma’s approach to component properties is fragile and underdeveloped, including the new beta features. I’d be happy to go into depth with the issues regarding the system, and how it can be better. I’m not sure that this thread/forum is a good place for detailed or technical feedback — is there somewhere more appropriate?

Also, @carolina.portugal your link (Taiga) returns permission denied for me.

Please go ahead and discuss technical details freely. The Taiga project is open but not everyone can have edit permissions, it’s more of a “see what we’re working on” idea. We will then create or edit relevant Taiga user stories based on your feedback. Thanks!

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hi @SimplyPhy thanks for the heads-up. The epics are not visible, and the team is taking a look into it. For now, you can see it progress here: Taiga