Clip content for groups

When placing multiple elements inside a group and I want to achieve something similar to overflow: clipI would love to see the option “clip content” also for groups or is there an alternative workaround for this?


Hello. If I understand you, adding “clip content” to groups (the ones you make with ctrl+g) would have no effect. Because those groups have not their own size, they always to the size of their content, so there is nothing to clip.

If you want to achieve this effect, you can select one or more layers, create a board with right click + “Selection to board” and then, if you want, remove the board’s fill to make it invisible.

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Yep that works but personally I think the terminology of “board” is a bit misleading. I’m not sure if there are better alternatives tbh and its not a big issue, probably much more that I have to adapt :wink:

Sorry for the misunderstanding. As we understand it, a board is like a physical panel, that you can move and resize, and attach figures inside it. So it makes sense you can choose to clip its content or not.

A group is simply an assembly of objects, to manage them as a single unit, but the group has not any own properties.