Can't use components

I have had hard time with using components especially in Arc Browser for Windows where if you drag and drop a component nothing happens and there isn’t a way to add a component to the design. In this case the solution was to use another browser so I used brave and it works.

Second thing if I create for example a button and then I make it a component and later on if I want to remove it from the components how do I do it? Because if I do right click and then delete it will delete not only the component but also the button itself. I was thinking there was a thing like detach from components or something similar but the three dots have only the options “show in assets panel” and “Create annotation”.

What am I missing?

Hi @Domino_Tudor

Main components can’t be detached (only the copies can be) and if you delete the main component from the assets tab it will delete the main component existing in your design.

Probably you will need to do something like this:


Or this:


Ok so to remove it from the components I have to duplicate and then remove it. What about the Arc browser for windows?

sorry but I have no idea about that, we haven’t done any tests on that browser