Be a Beta Tester for Penpot's Grid Layout Feature!

We are delighted to inform you that the much-awaited Penpot Grid Layout feature is almost ready for prime time! But before we officially launch it, we need your valuable input to make it extraordinary.

The Grid Layout is one of the most sought-after additions to Penpot, and with your help, we can elevate it to new heights. This groundbreaking feature empowers you to effortlessly design with grid-based layouts, allowing for seamless organization and positioning of elements on the canvas.

We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers like you to join our exclusive beta testing team for the new Grid Layout feature. Your involvement will be instrumental in refining this feature and ensuring it caters perfectly to your design needs. Rest assured, the Grid Layout in Penpot follows web standards (CSS), ensuring a smooth transition from design to code.

To become a beta tester and contribute to shaping the future of Penpot, simply email us at with the subject line “Beta test volunteer.” In the email, kindly share a brief overview of your role and how you plan to utilize the Grid Layout in Penpot. Your insights will be incredibly valuable in fine-tuning this feature.

We anticipate starting the beta test in October or at the beginning of November, so your timely participation is immensely appreciated. If you know others who would be interested in joining this exciting opportunity, please feel free to share this invitation with your friends and colleagues.

Whether you decide to be part of the beta testing team or not, we want you to share in the excitement of this significant milestone. The Grid Layout feature marks a critical step towards our mission of enabling seamless design and code collaboration using open source and open standards.

Thank you for being an essential part of the Penpot community. We eagerly await your response and hope to have you on board as a beta tester!


Great news ! Looking forward to trying it, I think it can be a game changer.


This is great news. On holiday at the moment so can’t wait to get home and test this out :raised_hands:t3:

Holiday is great btw, but still excited for the update, I’m not that bad lol :joy:

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Congratulations! I just send you an email to join the Beta Testers :raised_hands:
I can’t wait to try it out.


We have sent the emails to all volunteers! :smiley:


We are also looking for designers or content producers that could help us show how amazing this new superpower for designers is going to be!


I would be more than happy to help

I’ve just published a video on my Linkedin account to present the grid layout (I tagged Penpot in it).
I hope this pushes more people to give Penpot a try !


Thank you so much, @Louis !

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