Analogue Pocket UI concept

Hey everyone!

I’ve been working on this UI concept for the Analogue Pocket, a small device that let’s you play your GB/GBC/GBA/GG cartridges on a modern portable handheld. I thought while the design and branding is very modern and sleek, the UI is not, so I thought of a way to portray this in their OS UI. This is also the first complete project I’ve published using penpot.


It looks awesome Laura! I specially like how you handle the spacing and the greytones.


Amazing work @LauraWebdev

It looks really professional and the UI design feels really solid and with coherence.

Thank you very much for sharing :slight_smile:


Thanks! I figured readability is very important on such a small screen so I looked into the screen they used and tried to find colors that have a high contrast. I’ve decided to give the background a color of #111111 so it’s easily visible whether the screen is on or not.