Which Docker container has saved drafts, projects?

Hello. I’m looking to script exporting Penpot drafts from the Docker container they live in. Here are the running containers:

~ $ sudo docker ps | awk 'NR > 1 { print $NF }'

I hopped onto frontend, backend, and exporter, but I’m unsure where to find the .penpot draft files. Which Docker container has the draft files and under which directory?

Thanks in advance :grin:

Hello. Penpot files are not stored as operating system files. They reside in the database (inside penpot-postgres container) as rows of a table. And the .penpot or .zip files are generated on the fly when a user exports them.

What is your use case? Perhaps you can simply connect to the database and extract rows from it.

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This would be my solution then! Are you familiar with Postgres login credentials?

E: I have tried signing into Postgres with default user (postgres) but I’m unable to.

You can check Penpot configuration by looking at the docker compose file: penpot/docker-compose.yaml at main · penpot/penpot · GitHub

The default database credentials are user penpot and password penpot.

We haven’t a database model document yet, but can look at the general data model document here: