What's the easiest non-tech friendly way to deploy my private instance?

The easiest and non-tech way to deploy your own private instance is using elest.io as detailed here.

Just login or register at elest.io and the go to https://dash.elest.io/deploy?soft=Penpot&id=121

Click on the “Create Service” button and voilá, just wait a few minutes until the instance is launched, wh en you se the status “Service is running” the instance will be completely ready.

To check your instance url click on the penpot service and in Network/CNAME you can find the URL.


Thank you!! this really helps!

I like the fact the Elest.io are giving back to the community some of their revenue. It’s their way to contribute back to the community. Back in April we had a chat with Joseph, Kieran and Steven about Penpot and Taiga and it was agreat chat, 100% alligned. And their service works like a charm, I was impressed.