"User-driven UI" to avoid feature overload and long onboarding process

Since Penpot is still a very young project, adding features in rapid pace, now is the time to think how this will all be offered in a comprehensive way, and preferably stay comprehensive in the long run (I’m saying nothing new… you folks are the experts here :wink: ).

There’s an issue with many graphics apps: They are usually quite complex to learn, and you’ll often use just a tiny subset of features. Onboarding an becoming an expert is an involved and patient process. Take Gimp, for example. Those who grew up with it, or took the time to become expert, compare its power to Photoshop. Those who are new and just want to draw something simple, may turn away in disgust about the ‘crappy UX’ (I am a ‘simple drawing’ creator, that likes Gimp, btw).

Today, on Hacker News, this idea was submitted:

TL;DR: Keep the UI in the state it had as a MVP and present that to the user. Then let the user decide which features they need, so they can add those themselves.