Unable to view images

Hello :wave:
I am self hosting PenPot through Docker and Traefik using the provided compose file.

I was testing the simplest config and everything worked great. Trying to switch assets from FS to S3 (using Cloudflare R2), I’m unable to view any image uploaded through S3. The upload works, as files now appear in my bucket, but on PenPot the frames are empty and the console is firing a 502 error. Inspecting the image source, it seems like PenPot’a /assets url is not exposed correctly. Am I missing a Traefik config?

EDIT 1 (for clarity): This is not a 2.0.0 issue, probably just a misconfiguration in my setup

After I upgraded from 1.19.2 to 2.0.0, the image information also failed to load.