Unable to upload certain TTF custom fonts

On the hosted version of Penpot, I’m trying to upload a VALORANT font: Valorant Font | dafont.com

Unfortunately, this isn’t working although the dialog states TTF font files are supported

I get the following warning:
WRN [app.main.data.fonts] msg=“skiping file Valorant Font.ttf, unsupported format”

Hello @itsezc

I was checking the font at “https://opentype.js.org/” and if I try to upload it there I receive an error, it seems it’s not a valid 100% font. I receive an error if I try to upload it to https://www.fontsquirrel.com/ too

I followed the links and arrived to https://ko-fi.com/brylark/gallery#galleryItemView where there is a link to the ttf font in drive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=16smOGtU30xnVCY9pTxQjFYdpm7klvIYe.

With that ttf font I can upload it to penpot without failing and it works :slight_smile: