UI Design Tutorial in Penpot | Create a Recipe App | Beginner Friendly

I made a simple tutorial on UI Design in Penpot. So excited for the next Penpot release : )


That is an amazing tutorial! Thanks so much! I can’t wait to see what you come up with Grid CSS Layout!

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Thank you! looking forward to it.

I’m afraid the audio is very hard for me to understand. It’s too low and it sounds as if the person is almost whispering at key moments, and swallowing key words instead of enunciating. Note that I have no problem with the wonderful South Asian accent – only the diction. Is there a more clear tutorial somewhere with a professional speaker, or is this the only one? I have to send ESL students to this, and this is not going to work for them without captioning.

There’s another big issue: The lecturer does not use some kind of cursor trace to show where it is he’s pressing. “Press [garbled] to create a button.” Well, consdering there are about 200 possible places to select on the screen, how does one know even the vicinity of the directed button, without at least some kind of cursor trace? Can someone point me to a more helpful tutorial for my students? This one is inadequate.

So sorry about that. Seems to be an issue in the screen recording software. Cursor is not recorded correctly for some reason.

Will try to improve. Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks. Here’s a long, drawn-out tutorial also with some problems.