Twitter/X is in full decadence mode in favour of... ugh, Linkedin!

This week we had our monthly review on how Penpot 2.0 announcement had performed in terms of signups, comments, reactions, self-host deployments, etc. We will share all the data later this month during our May 30th live stream but there was one thing that struck us right away and that was the under-performance of Twitter/X versus Linkedin.

It’s important for us to have as many relevant open channels as possible since our Community lives everywhere. From Mastodon to Youtube, from Peertube to Linkedin, Instagram or Twitter/X, we try to keep up with all of them.

Unsurprisingly, in terms of followers and engagement, Twitter/X has typically accounted for >80% of our audience growth. Whether it was during singularity events like Adobe announcing they were acquiring Figma or our GA release last year, or just “business as usual” months, that has been a constant.

Not anymore! Since December 2023, the audience growth transfer has moved clearly in favour of Linkedin, which is now leading the pack with > 50% of our audience growth, while Twitter/X has slumped into a less relevant 15%. Since we really haven’t changed our strategy, I guess this is telling us something about where people are discussing design & code professional-related topics.

Hum, the only time last year when our Twitter/X audience had a small growth spike compared to the rest coincided with this Figma’s CEO tweet.

I’m not particularly excited about this. I don’t like Elon Musk’s take on X at all but the fact that the best available alternative is Linkedin is quite underwhelming too, to be honest. Personal comments aside, this is clearly a strong shift that we should be aware of.

If you’d like to know more about Penpot 2.0 growth as well as resources to make the most out of it and cool sneak peeks of what’s coming next, make sure to attend our May 30th live stream! I’ll also have a short AMA section at the end for your questions!


The quality of social media is in serious decline. Elon has destroyed it. Facebook’s algorithm is aweful and was long before twitter’s decline. Twitter was still dependable until Elon got his hands on it. That pushed much of the audience to other platforms… Threads… Bluesky… Mastodon… all of which are inferior to Twitter prior to its destruction. Linkedin is ok, but still not anywhere near what Twitter was. It’s a completely different type of audience.

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I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with alternatives to Twitter, but currently, I only know Threads and Mastodon, but I don’t enjoy using any of them. I’m utilizing Vero as my primary social platform. Vero’s experience resemble a Instagram-like format, offering users an experience reminiscent of classic Instagram without the intrusive elements of Meta, such as advertisements and algorithms. While I would love to see Penpot on Vero, Mastodon appears to be the more suitable choice, despite my personal preference for Vero.

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Yeah, outside the usual suspects (Twitter/X, Youtube and Linkedin), our Mastodon account is the strongest but adding new social media accounts is something we have to be cautious about specially if you really want to have conversations with your community there. I didn’t know about Vero, thanks for sharing!


Yeah Twitter/X died a death for me recently. I had be a user since the days when it was only SMS for posting so this is sad news. Linkedin I find is good for work related stuff. Instagram seems a good platform but just doesn’t have the conversations like Twitter/X does/did. I know they tried Threads but let’s be real, that didn’t stick either. So socials wise I just don’t feel like it used to be, instead I have been moving more towards Reddit and specific groups.

Really interesting stats though and thank you for being transparent and sharing @diacritica