Text list style option

Hello everyone,

I’m new to using penpot (which is a great tool!) and I wanted to add a list in my penpot document like

  • this
  • list

but I cannot find how to do it.

For example in figma, it’s possible with the “List style” option.

Did I miss the option in penpot? Or does it not yet exist?

Thanks !


@Gwenna I think this is not yet availiable (I think it also was a late addition to figma).

Do you have a github account? In this case, please create an issue for this and let the team know about the need. If not, just write here and probably me or someone else picks it up.

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Hi @Gwenna, as @jdittrich already mentioned, this capability is not yet in Penpot. However, it is already being considedered. (Here’s the enhancement created at taiga) where I’ve also added your request.


Hey @jdittrich and @myfunnyandy - thanks for sharing the Taiga link for this. I wanted to circle back and understand if this is something Penpot’s focused towards because I often find myself having the need for this and use sloppy workaround to add bullet icons and align them using multiple spaces (white spaces). If you can share any latest on this, i’d really appreciate it.

This one is not among our current developments (you can take a look at this recent video to know more about our high level roadmap). However, it is very likely that it will get into the things that we’ll do once we finish some of our biggest current initiatives as it has been upgraded to user story and labeled as “quality-life”, wich is a tag to identify our selected enhancements.