Shifting Left: Accessibility considerations in Penpot

Today I listened to

and noticed, that Mike wished that it would be possible to annotate designs in Figma, to consider accessibility during that phase („Shifting Left”). Now since Figma is acquired by Adobe I don’t have high hopes that this will become a thing. However, since Penpot is Open Source I could imagine that it could be a useful feature to implement.

What are your thoughts on this?


I agree that better annotations would be helpful, for accessability (like alt-text, announcements, tab-order), but also for showing margins/paddings, annotating behaviors etc.

At Wikimedia, using figma, I did this with having elements in an asset color (typically magenta) that I could toggle from and to being transparent. This was ok, but cumbersome.

One way could be to be able to “tag” elements as annotation or having a set of annotation shapes/objects. (Annotation layers are a pain imho; as would be reflecting HTML accessability directly (as component properties or so?) – that probably combines the bad parts of both coding and WYSIWYG)

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