Set string variables inside components

Hello, i’m sarting to use Penpot since few days inside my new organisation.

I’m wondering if it’s possible, to have something like variables for at strings inside components, I think this is how Figma is working.

Because, when i create a component, I put a label inside, for exemple, “Button”. And I use it in some files where i change the label to “Next”, “OK”, and so on…

If I update properties of the main component (background, border…) it’s updating the instances background and border, no problem.
But if I make an update of the text properties of the main component (font style, color…) it’s not updating my instances because “Next” and “OK” labels are considered as overides.

I hope, i’m clear in my explanations :slight_smile:

I know that a huge rework of components is coming soon with the 2.0 it may resolve my issue.

Thanks !