Prototyping: influencing content by choice


I have a feature request related to advanced prototyping.

I would like to be able to influence the content on one page by selecting it on another page.
Today, for example Figma can send users with different options, to different “branches” of a prototype. Which however has a major problem with maintaining such branching and subsequent editing.

I would like to be able to set the “states” of the page content to react to a choice made e.g. in a popup window.

Imagine that I choose a shipping method in the popup window during checkout, and that affects my payment method menu (selecting shipping “B” will show me the “B” payment method menu), so I won’t have to send the user to another branch, but it will all happen on one “path”.

Thank you

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This is a frequent challenge with more complex prototypes. In some cases I just wrote it in code since it is faster than creating a complex visual prototype.

Axure as well as Flash solve(d) the challenge by providing a little API with elements and allowing to attach code to them, similar to what game engines like Godot do today (also similar to how one can write simple visual novels in RenPy: Using global variables)