Penpot Desktop Beta 1


What’s New?

The major changes of the first beta is overhauling all of the popup modals and converting them into their own tabs, along with creating a home tab.

Download and Source Code


macOS does not include auto update, you’ll need to manually update the app.

Windows (Microsoft Store)

Windows (EXE)


Linux (AppImage)

Linux (Snap)

Source Code
You can find the open source code of Penpot Desktop on Korbs Studio Code.


Not been able to login or copy/paste any information in the app.

I’ve not gotten any issues like that. There are times where Penpot may have an internal error trying to paste certain content into the project, but that is Penpot genereally and not the app.

What kind of content are you trying to copy/paste in the app?

Note that you can also submit an issue here: Issues - Penpot-Desktop - Korbs Studio Code
Signing up there is allowed on my server.

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Not able to copy/paste text to login (never know my passwords)
Doesn’t show with the right click of the mouse or using cmd V.
I’m using Mac

So Ctrl + V doesn’t work?
As for right-clicking, I can add a context menu in the next release.