Penpot Apps / Blender Apps

How would it look if we could build sub-apps from the Penpot API? Could we then start to build micro-design tools that easily integrate with Penpot? Could we easily build PenJam that is more whiteboard focused? Just bringing this up because I know that it is currently in discussions for Blender as well. Would be interesting to see what a Penpot ecosystem would look like.

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Hello @matthewortega do you see it as a plugging system?

I could imagen exporting from blender, for example some full or micro animation using Lotti framework. This is currently only exportable (as far as I know) from adobe aftereffects or some other web-based tools.

This could even help bring deep interaction design into Penpot by using lottie for prototyping.

Just thinking out loud :slight_smile:

It is a bit different. I plugin usually requires the main app to run inside of. I think what Blender Apps is aiming to achieve is creating an API and supplying base components that artists can use to build separate micro-apps. In Blender, imagine you wanted to use pieces of the app to make a micro app that focuses on lighting.