Peek at the competition: StackBlitz Codeflow + Figma

I have been looking into this new paradigm of what you might call “WebAssembly. Everywhere.” which, among others, looks about to bring some major changes to how software is developed.

Maybe I’m giving old news, as the announcement video dates from 7 months back, but StackBlitz base their product on WebContainers which are themselves based on WebAssembly (Wasm). In the video below they demonstrate Codeflow, and also mention they are being sponsored by Figma (which I’m not quite sure, but who may also walk a Wasm path). Wanted to drop this off here, because as @diacritica’s dream is on uniting designer and developers in their work processes… Figma has this opportunity when integrating tightly with StackBlitz. The vid has some examples on how visual components for the storybook are PR’ed in a code flow.